The beginning:

1967 built in Husum as a classical

registered as "Kollund" in Flensburg,
used for long distances, because it was
really fast - 14 kt.!!!
1981 - sold to Heiligenhafen
1987 - again in its homeport Flensburg
1989 - now named "Freya II"

1994 - got a new bowform which makes 16 % less

displacement, more boast in heavy seas, and a better
behaviour at see, finally - 2 kt more speed!!!
1998 bought by the present owner
The boat got a complete renovation and
ends almost NEW!
The special rail was extended
A new and bigger bridge/house was built
The boat was extended 2.80 meters (8.5 feet)
Additional Sidetanks for a better seabehaviour and for larger distances
Aircondition build in
All engines and generators totally overhauled
New Windows, armour-glass, and so on..........
It's simply too much, to list it all here......!
After finish named "OCEANWOLF"
Price You can buy it for: 1.75 Mio Euro




Why does the owner sell this ship ?

He's going to build the next - bigger one (he always needs new aims, and he's in love with the classicals since 30 years...) The owner lives on boats since 30 years. His last one was the legendary "SEA WOLFE" (over 58 Meters - 193 feet), this boat was sold, and the new owner rebuilded Seawolfe in Mallorca for more than 10 Mio. USD. After 45 years, Seawolfe still has such a strong quality so it was no question for the new owner invest this money. Just 1mm thinner than 45 years ago was the steel! The used to make high quality in those times .....(by Oceanwolf too!!)


SEAWOLF 2002 ... after transforming
SEAWOLF former times CLYDE 1957,
in one of the world largest yacht !
in that time the largest tug
L.O.A. 193´ feet - 58,05 m
in europe !


Why don't build a new boat, instead of rebuilding??


A comparable boat in this quality would cost more than 7 Mio. USD

Ships like the OCEANWOLF were built for 150 years. They didn't save work and material in those days. Only the engine complex would cost around 1 Mio. USD New without installation!


The so called "MEGAYACHTS" are counted with 1.0 Mio. USD per Meter !!!


Why such a boat for me ?


More Lifequality You live on the sea, 75% of our planet is water, - so with OCEANWOLF you have the possibility to travel all over the world. With it's range and the sea behaviour you'll have no problem to cross the oceans. Sommer in the Med - Winter in the Caribbean!

You are simply "at home" all over the places with OCEANWOLF you'll have a boat include the comfort of a villa - If you like, install an office on board, with the modern communications you are always in lead. From the incredible bays in the Caribbean you can handle your buisnesses!


Great investment The constuctioncosts grow every year over 15% Specially in this class used boats in good condition are always wanted. You can also earn money with such a ship - by chartering! Take paying guests on board - the market is big!


TAX FREE You simply register your mainadresse on "OCEANWOLF". Your place of residence is today in Europe, tomorow in the Caribbean, after tomorrow in Tahiti ..............


How about the harbour fees ?

With such a ship, you're traveling, you are anchoring without fees. All what you need is on board. The dinghy is the connection to the shore. Save Anchorings are all around the world.

If you prefer - we also have a professional Skipper-couple with great experiances to do all the work on board.

You enter the boat and relax from the first hour on!


More questions ?

We'll be happy to answer.
We would be glad to have you on board -
  the most questions are answered from alone ! You can fix a date - right now!

"OCEANWOLF" is still cruising in the Caribbean

between Martinique (France)- St. Vincent & the Grenadines (Bequia - Mustique - Tobago Cays ) down to Isla Margarita (Venezuela)

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