Length 37 m / 125'

MAN 640 KW - 8 Cylinder Turbolader !

REAL MARINEENGINE! Constructed for the professional vessels. Runs constantly 1.500upm (Opposite to yachtingengines which have less volume and are driven with a higher of revolutions)

Propeller KaMeWa- Imediately full power whith this adjustable
Range ca. 5000 sm ( 9.000 km)
Economical speed 10 kt max. 17 kts.
With 10 kt consumption only 45 liters (11 gal.) per hour
You fill at the freemarket for around -.15 Euro per liter (-.40 Euro per gal.)
P. example: Atlantic-crossing Europe- Caribbean ca. 2500 nautical miles
= 250 h enginehours with 10 kts /45l p.hour
Consumption ca. 11,500 liter = ca. 1,750.00 EURO
That's cheaper than sailing !
Winter in the Caribbean - Sommer in the Mediterranean !
No problem for OCEANWOLF
Water 4.000 liter + Watermaker 4.000 liter per Day
Electricity 130 KW- Shaftgenerator 220/380 V

65 KW Generator 220/380 V

12 KW Generator 220/380 V
Others Aircondition and heating
compl. nautical equipment
  5 Double Cabins with ensuite bathrooms
2 x Saloon + Diningroom
Deepfreezer, compl. kitchen and so on........
It's too much to list it all !
  Come and SEE !
CREW OCEANWOLF can be driven with a minimum of crew
  the yate is very easy to handle
  there is enough room for a crew, and still more than
  enought space to guarantee privacy
  but even without crew Oceanwolf doesn´t make problems
  the present owner is driving / handling the yate only
together his wife-without any problem


...some more pictures of the last shipyard visit

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